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23 January, 2009

Gaza – Dec. 27 -18 Jan, 2009 – Map of Bombing Intensity & Casualties

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To download PDF: Gaza – Dec. 27 -18 Jan, 2009 – Map of Bombing Intensity & Casualties (PDF)

Gaza - Dec. 27 -18 Jan, 2009 - Map of Bombing Intensity & Casualties (JPG)



  1. A very very informative map, the kind of that is desperately absent of Media.

    My 2 cents :
    The last line into “Box Fact” is nice, but is repeating data already available in the map (and everywhere). Pointing out the enormous number of homeless people, without school, without hospital, water and electricity (not mentioning hope) would be of better informational value IMHO. Even if we still would have to add: enormous number “to be still evaluated”.

    With regards to Kharita’s splendid work,

    Comment by cyrille — 25 January, 2009 @ 20:56

  2. […] מפות של ההפצצה ונפגעים. פרויקט של אמני-מידע מלבנון, פלסטין ומקומות נוספי שעבדו גם בעבר על מיפוי ההפצצות הישראליות על לבנון. Gaza – Dec. 27 -18 Jan, 2009 – Map of Bombing Intensity & Casualties […]

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  4. On Jan 27, 2009 UN OCHA and UNMAS produced a precise map “Gaza Strip : Mine Action Assessment” that shows where and which particular type of structures have been damaged.

    Also, casualty figures have unfortunately grown as more dead are discovered into the ruins.
    UNICEF’s Situation report on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip No.17 (*)
    7. Casualty figures:
    Total # since 27 December # / percent of total that are children since 27 December
    Palestinian Fatalities* 1,314 412 / 32 percent
    Palestinians Injured* 5,450 1,855 / 35 percent
    Israeli Fatalities** 13 Unknown
    Israelis Injured*** 182 Unknown


    BTW, it is interesting to compare with figures from both sides, specially the Israelis, announced here and there.

    Comment by cyrille — 29 January, 2009 @ 19:46

  5. […] Palestinians were given ‘leaflets‘ letting them know that they should leave the area – as well as phone calls and radio messages (perhaps whenever they decided to turn on the electricity). Yet most Palestinians in Gaza – if they had the means or hope to leave their homes – had nowhere to go but move within the Gaza Stip and gamble. The Gaza Strip was hit everywhere. […]

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